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Top items to register for

Picking items for your registry is hard. Especially if you are in-between apartment and house living, or you're not sure what the big ask items should be.

The top items I am highlighting are based on what I am still using almost 4 years after getting married.

We registered at Target and Menards.

-Target is flawless in terms of swapping items on the registry without gift receipts, returning any duplicates, and giving you a 15% discount on any items that weren't fulfilled.

- We added Menards so we had a chance to get some items that didn't just fit in the kitchen. For the most part, the process was easy to register for items but when they were delivered straight to our house they didn't come with a receipt to know who it's from. (So whoever gave us a yellow tool bag I still haven't said thank you!) But we loved having an option for other items to fill our whole home.

So here it is, my top 4 items to register for based on what I still have almost 4 years later!

  1. Towels. It seems obvious to register for towels but I recommend registering for at least two full sets of four. That includes bath towels, wash rags and hand towels. Not only do you want a nice set but you want your guests to enjoy them too. I've had really good luck with the Performance Bath Towel by Threshold. They wash up really nice and keep their color for years.

  2. Ladder. When we had our bridal shower when we were still living in an apartment. When we were gifted a ladder we kept it on the apartment deck until we moved three months later! It wasn't until we got our house that I realized what a necessity a multi-position ladder was. From changing light bulbs, wanting to paint everything in our new-to-us home, and hanging decor, this item came in handy more than a lot of others.

  3. Knife Block. Nothing makes you feel more adult than owning a knife block. But really, this is must-have for the kitchen. This set comes with all the knives needed to cook as well as six steak knives for when you have guests over. But my favorite feature is a scissor that has a place right in the kitchen.

  4. Vacuum. When I say I love this vacuum, I mean I LOVE this vacuum. Shark has amazing products and this vacuum is so easy to clean, change filters, and does such an amazing job throughout the house. Add this vacuum to your registry - I promise it's worth it.

Of course there are other items we still have four years later but as you are making your lists think about the basics you need. The decor is fun to pick out but will you still have it years to come?


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