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How to Choose a Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Determining your vendors for your wedding day is tough. For the most part, it's based on a Google search, Instagram feed, or who is recommended to you.

But at the end of the day, it comes down to more than what their images look like.

Wedding coordinators hiding in stairwell
Coordinators Paige and Kristin hiding out during the bride's first look (pc: @lahzehphotography)

When picking a day of wedding coordinator here are the top things to consider.

  • The vibe. Your coordinator is an extension of you. 3 months leading up to your wedding I'm working with my couples to transfer all the details from their brains to my planning documents. That means you have to be comfortable telling me what you want out of your day, which aunt I should be aware of, and trust that I will coordinate the day the way you dreamed.

  • Budget. I'd be lying if I didn't list this as a reason to choose a wedding coordinator. There are a variety of price points for a coordinator but it is true you get what you pay for. Know that an increased price means more experience, more communication, more hours on site, and even more assistants to support your planner. Budget is a factor but understand why the pricing is the way it is.

  • Package Inclusions. Every coordinator is different in what they include in their package. Will they set up your decor? How many hours will they be on-site? Do they have an assistant with them? Is it a coordination team or a solo planner?

  • Experience. Wedding coordinators with more experience know what works because they've been there. They can recommend how long a dinner service will take, question if salads should be pre-set, help put our dessert after cocktail hour so guests don't eat it all, and know to close the bar for 5 minutes so grand march can start on time. This all comes with experience at weddings and learning how to make the day go smoothly.


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