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10 questions to ask during a wedding venue tour

You may know where you want to tour for your wedding venues but what questions should you ask when you are there?

All venues offer different things. The biggest questions is figuring out what's included in the rental fee. Here are a few questions to ask to make sure you know what you are getting for your wedding day.

1. Are tables and chairs included in the rental price?

a. How many do you have? Are there different styles?

b. Who sets up the tables and chairs?

c. Are the same chairs used for the ceremony and reception?

2. What hours are the bridal/groom suites open?

a. Is there a lock available on the room?

3. Can food and alcohol be brought in before the ceremony?

a. Do you have a refrigerator?

4. Can cars be parked overnight?

a. How long can they stay the next day?

b. Can this include a trailer for decor?

5. Do any hotels offer shuttle service?

a. How do guests typically get back to their hotel?

6. Do you allow open flames?

a. Are there any decor items you don't allow?

7. Where can decor boxes be stored?

8. Who typically provides the table linens?

a. When do they need to be returned?

9. Is there a dress steamer on-site?

10. What sound systems are needed?

a. Consider ceremony, cocktail hour and reception areas


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