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The real star of the show

All of your vendors are important on your wedding day.

But - I'm here to say the most important is your Dj.

If you want your dinner to start on time, your father of the bride speech to be crystal clear, and your dance floor to be full your Dj makes all the difference.

Your Dj does more than make sure you walk down the aisle but they are your emcee for the night. From the time your guests are welcomed in to the ceremony to when 'Closing Time' is played at last call. The Dj literally has the mic and needs to be utilized to answer guest questions throughout the night.

Ask your Dj to help with things throughout the day:

- announcing where large family photos will be taking place

- letting guests know there is no receiving line and they can proceed directly to cocktail hour

- releasing tables for dinner

- announcing shuttle times throughout the night

You've paid a lot for you Dj. Make sure you are utilizing them to their potential. Give them a copy of your timeline and see what they can do to make a great experience for your guests.


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