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non-traditional trends i love

As a wedding planner I help plan a lot of weddings. My favorite part is seeing how people make their day unique.

After 2020 people have been really encouraged to make their day their own. Here are a few things I've seen lately that I love!

No wedding party. The day is about the bride and groom and by not having a wedding party it truly makes the focus about the bride and groom. You can still have your guys and girls around earlier in the day but I think it feels so special to have just the guests of honor and bride walk down the aisle. To have a sweetheart table as the head table. And for all of the entrances be just about the couple.


hour. More and more weddings are done at beautiful venue

s in a non-traditional format. I've been seeing more couples open their space up an hour before the ceremony for a pre-cocktail hour for their guests to relax before sitting through the ceremony. Just be warned - there will be a line for the bathroom after the ceremony :)

Elopement. One of my favorite things that happened this year was an email from a couple having to cancel because they determined eloping in the Caribbean was more their style after making plans for a large backyard wedding. Although I loved working with them, I was beyond happy for them to be true to them!

Inquire on my website if you want to brainstorm ways to make your day special!


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