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Five things you can do without at your wedding

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of people voicing their opinions. Most are helpful, but some feel like they are planning for themselves.

We like to remind couples it is your wedding day.

It sounds simple but with all the decisions to make it's easy to ask others for help and you end up forgetting it is your wedding.

Many couples ask "Do we have to..." when asking about what is 'normal' at weddings. We like to let couples know what we see at other weddings, but we quickly like to remind them they can do it anyway they want.

So here are my five things you can do without at your wedding.

  1. Boutonnieres - Spend this money elsewhere on a cool tie or upgraded suit for the groomsmen.

  2. Garter Toss - Skip the awkwardness in front of your relatives and just throw the bouquet instead.

  3. Cutting the cake - Let your guests eat dessert when they want to and skip holding off for a picture.

  4. Head Table - Have a more relaxed feel and let your bridal party enjoy their time by trying a harvest table option instead!

  5. Guest Favors - Your wedding is the gift, don't spend money on items people forget to bring home.


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